Data Management System Partnerships

ARKRAY has partnered with TIDEPOOL and GLOOKO data management apps to facilitate improved patient and clinician viewing functionality of GLUCOCARD blood glucose readings.

ReliOn Life app users can also use Glooko or Tidepool in place of ARK Care Advance

Glooko - Better Together
Glooko_Trio Image_Updated Mobile App


  • Free patient access to free Glooko® Mobile App and web-view
  • Ability to upload GLUCOCARD Shine Connex via Bluetooth® within the free mobile app or using a Bluetooth® dongle to upload a non-Bluetooth® enabled meter.
  • Patients can easily find and share reports with their healthcare teams via email or fax anytime.
  • If the patient’s clinic has a Glooko subscription, they can share data remotely as well.

Download the Glooko® Mobile App



  • Free patient computer-based platform
  • Free clinician access to computer web platform to access BG readings report
  • Use BG meter cable to connect the meter to computer platform

Customer Service

  • To order meter cables call 1-800-818-8877 Ext 4301
  • To ask questions about the app transition call 1-855-646-3235, option 1

Clinician Customer Service

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