Data Management System Partnerships

ARKRAY has partnered with TIDEPOOL and GLOOKO data management apps to facilitate improved patient and clinician viewing functionality of GLUCOCARD blood glucose readings.

Glooko - Better Together
Glooko_Trio Image_Updated Mobile App


  • Free patient access to free Glooko® Mobile App and web-view
  • Ability to upload GLUCOCARD Shine Connex via Bluetooth® within the free mobile app or using a Bluetooth® dongle to upload a non-Bluetooth® enabled meter.
  • Patients can easily find and share reports with their healthcare teams via email or fax anytime.
  • If the patient’s clinic has a Glooko subscription, they can share data remotely as well.

Download the Glooko® Mobile App



  • Free patient computer-based platform
  • Free clinician access to computer web platform to access BG readings report
  • Use BG meter cable to connect the meter to computer platform

Customer Service

  • To order meter cables call 1-800-818-8877 Ext 4301
  • To ask questions about the app transition call 1-855-646-3235, option 1

Clinician Customer Service

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